Do you have a blocked drain or require sewer maintenance services in Johannesburg? For Plumbers On Call, that’s no problem! Our professional plumbers have all the experience and plumbing equipment needed to ensure we get the job done quickly. We pride ourselves on our professional attitude towards blocked drain repair.

How to tell if you have blocked drains
Over the years of repairing blocked drains in Johannesburg, Plumbers On Call have identified a number of signs that you can use to assess whether you have a blocked drain or not. By calling us on 0860 555 555 when you notice any of these signs, you can avoid a plumbing disaster:

A strong, foul smell – this is the most obvious sign of a blocked drain, and the least pleasant.
Poor sink drainage – has your water started taking longer than usual to drain away?
Poor toilet drainage – another unpleasant sign of a blocked drain is your toilet rising to almost overflowing after flushing it
Gurgling – does your plug hole make an ominous gurgling sound?

How dangerous are blocked drains?
Blocked drains cause a number of problems that quickly turn into health risks if you don’t call in professional plumbers to unblock your drain.

Dirty water – The chances are, water going into a drain is already dirty, and sitting in a drain will only make it worse. Dirty water is the perfect breeding ground for a number of potentially fatal bacteria, such as Legionella.
Allergies – Blocked drains can cause or exacerbate existing skin irritations and allergies if you come into contact with stagnant, contaminated water.
Bad odours – Whilst the odour itself isn’t toxic, the smell from blocked drains can cause headaches, stress, anxiety and bad moods. It may even make you feel fatigued and this will only get worse the longer you leave it.


Whether you’re a residential, commercial or industrial client, Plumbers On Call have 15 active plumbing teams at any one point, so you can rest assured that we’re always on hand to unblock your drains efficiently and professionally. We also offer storm water piping maintenance, ensuring your drains can easily handle any weather.

Our professional blocked drain repair service in Johannesburg is second to none. Enjoy clear drains once more by calling 0860 555 555 or contacting us online today.