Taps, Pipes & Toilets

We offer all plumbing services from burst pipes to blocked drains, as well as pipe mapping and leak detection.

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  • 7 Days a Week
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Never Leave Leaking Taps, Pipes and Cisterns Unattended

Leaking taps, pipes and cisterns not only waste large quantities of water; leaks can cause untold structural and electrical damage which could cost you dearly.

Let Our Expert Team Of Plumbers Attend To Your Leaks

  • We are flexible and attend to leaks both large and small
  • Whether your leak is residential, commercial or industrial, our well-versed team of plumbers at Plumbers On Call will attend to your problem with efficiency and minimal mess
  • Plumbers On Call has15 active plumbing teams at any one time, which means there will always be a team to attend to your plumbing issues and emergencies
  • We offer 24/7 plumbing services for customers throughout Johannesburg and the East Rand.
  • Our client service team attends to incoming calls with efficiency, resulting in speedy service, minimising worry
  • Our prices are competitive

Reasons For Fixing Leaking Taps, Pipes and Toilets

Leaks are not only annoying – they are unnecessary expenses most of us could ill afford to pay over and above our already extensive utility bills. Plumbers On Call specialises in fixing all leaks, 24/7!

We use good quality parts to ensure the problem is fixed right away and parts enjoy longevity. Changing washers on leaking taps is only part of the job done. We go the extra mile to pinpoint the problem by disassembling the entire tap to find the cause.

Let us tackle annoying leaking toilet cisterns that are often caused by worn inlet and outlet valve washers. In many instances the leak is fixed by replacing washers, thus repairing the cistern. We will advise you on the best course of action to take whether it is a repair or the replacement of outdated and old-style cistern systems.

The Plumbers On Call Difference

Plumbers On Call has Johannesburg and the surrounding areas covered. We tackle all plumbing emergencies and are on call 24/7. With 15 active plumbing teams at any one time, we will attend to your problem efficiently and effectively no matter how big or small.